We often do Lawn Care to assist sellers and agents when it’s time to list their property. This was a letter written by a short term customer in Spruce Bay that turned to us during the selling process. Amazing that he took the time to write such a great blurb. Thanks Gord!


My wife and I were in the process of selling our cottage.  We were going away for a number of weeks and it was going to be impossible to keep our yard looking great while we were away.  By chance on the last day we were out prior to leaving, we noticed one of our neighbours having their grass cut.   Their yard looked great so I asked the company if they would look after our yard while we were gone.  It turned out to be Mat from Interlake Yardcare.  He indicated he would be glad to look after the yard while we were gone.

I was in the process of cutting our grass etc. and Mat agreed to finish off the yard.   Well, my wife and I were blown away by the time they were finished.   Our yard had never looked so good.  I only wish I had been able to make our yard look that good over the years.
So not only did we let them look after the yard while we were away, but they looked after the yard until it sold. We were very pleased for what we sold our cottage for and we believe the condition and look of our yard assisted us in selling the cottage.
It was one of the best things we did with our cottage.
We highly recommend Interlake Yard Care.
On a side note, Mat and his staff had cleared excess snow off our cottage a number of years ago.   It was a winter with a lot of snow and we were concerned with our roof caving in.    They found a way to get in  to the cottage and clear the snow.   We were equally pleased with their service then as now.